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Whether you are moving, whether you have decided to make a facelift to your house, changing the shower drain system is as important as anything else. Sure enough, you may not notice the shower room drains on a daily basis – as long as they are doing their job, they are virtually inexistent. You may not even notice it even when it becomes faulty. It will pass a while until the rancid smell of the water infiltrated beneath the tiles changes your mood, just like it will pass a while until the water will overflow and flood your house. On E.C.T Shower Drain website you can find modern wet room drains systems for your bathroom.

And, even if nobody wants that, this is most likely to happen – and that is because the drainage system seems inexistent, until the last moment, for most of the people. Don’t be one of them and you will be able to enjoy soothing and relaxing baths and showers, just like any man should.

But what kind of wet room drainage system is the best for a modern household? We can say that there used to be three of them. The first two were the traditional point drain system and the readymade shower room floor (with incorporated point drainage). But these two are obsolete, because these types of drains cannot handle larger volumes of water and they can become easily clogged (not to mention the greater risk of water infiltrating beneath the tiles). So what is the best on the market at this moment?

The third alternative, and the most viable one, is the modern linear shower drain system. These are long and narrow profiles, which are usually placed in one of the corners of the WetRoom, or beside one of the walls. In this way, the floor tiles need to be just slightly tilted into the profile’s direction (whereas, for a traditional drain, the tiles were supposed to have a concentrically tilted towards the drain, which was always in the middle of the floor).

So these modern drains are much easier to install and greatly reduce the risk of the water infiltration. But there is another aspect you need to consider. This modern linear shower drain system is indeed a modern one for a modern household, because it can be personalized in any way that you want it. From the material from which it is made (from stainless steel to the latest antimicrobial alloys) to the design of the grating (which can be personalized with your own inscriptions) to even LED lighting, everything can be done.

These types of drains aren’t just reliable – they can actually look good and they can improve the aesthetics of your wet room area. So come to us and see for yourself what we can offer you!

Don’t let this be the last choice you make, because it is as important as all the others. The linear drains are easy to install, are reliable, are low maintenance, and are very chic. Forget all about the obsolete traditional point ones.

If you want a modern wet room drainage system, you have come to the right place!

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